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Build Your Dream Business Without a Degree Using This Guide

Offer Valid: 03/18/2023 - 03/16/2025

Contrary to what some in business might believe, it is possible to create and maintain a thriving business without relying on traditional education methods. All it takes is knowledge of the right steps and a few helpful resources, as well as the drive to see it through. The Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce has put together some tips for entrepreneurs looking to start a business without a degree; let's take a look.

Form an LLC

The first step in starting your own business is creating the legal entity that will house your company. Forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) ensures that you have protection against personal liability should any legal issues arise in relation to your business. This can be done online or with the help of a lawyer/accountant if desired.

Network Online and In-Person

Networking is one of the most important things you can do when starting a business without a degree. Connecting with like-minded people both online and in person can open up doors to new opportunities, collaborations, advice, and more. Join forums, attend networking events, create accounts on sites such as LinkedIn — essentially, get out there and let people know you are open for business.

Find Your Niche

It’s important to find what sets you apart from others in your industry before launching into full-fledged entrepreneurship mode. Spend some time researching what others are doing in the same space as you and then figure out how you can make yours stand out from the rest by offering something unique that resonates with potential customers/clients. Once you find it, take the time to become an expert on it by utilizing online courses, video tutorials, and other free resources.

Find Support from Friends and Family

When starting a business without having gone through college or another higher education institution, it’s important to have support from friends and family who understand and encourage your goals while also providing feedback on ways to improve or grow your business model(s). Relying solely on yourself isn't always the best practice, so finding someone who can offer honest advice in times of need will be helpful. It will also help you build up your confidence to have supportive people surrounding you.

Take Initiative

One of the most important traits one must have to succeed as an entrepreneur is initiative. Be proactive in seeking out new opportunities while also taking advantage of those presented to you as they come along. Don’t be afraid of failure; keep in mind that it is part of learning and growing, so use it as fuel for further success.

Utilize PDF Tools

Setting up systems for file organization for your business is crucial, not only for reducing your stress levels but also for ensuring that you're able to keep up with important documents for customers, clients, and tax purposes. Make sure all files are stored correctly using cloud storage services, which will keep them safe. Additionally, using PDF tools allows you to convert a Word document to a PDF format. Give this a try when you need to make edits but want the security that a PDF can provide.

Learn Accounting Practices

Staying organized financially will give you peace of mind when running your own business, but knowing basic accounting practices such as creating budgets or tracking expenses is also essential for any entrepreneur. You don't have to have a degree in accounting, but you can take online courses that will help you learn the basics. Having this financial knowledge can help you avoid costly mistakes concerning things like cash flow, which is crucial to a business's success.


Starting a business of your own can be intimidating if you don't have formal education. The key is to prepare yourself as much as possible by learning about free resources, such as PDF tools and accounting tutorials. By becoming knowledgeable about business and finding your niche, you can grow your confidence and your vision at the same time.

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